About us  

Anchor Lås AB today

Anchor Lås AB has a long tradition of developing and producing locks in Eskilstuna, Sweden. This is something we intend to continue with. As more and more companies choose to place their production in low cost countries Anchor locks invests in its own production in Sweden. We want to be sure that our products are consistently of the highest quality by being in control of the raw materials, curing and surface treatment on our locks. This is best ensured by producing the locks in our own factory. Besides production, we have our R&D and sales placed in the factory in Eskilstuna. It allows us to quickly adapt our products along our customers' requests. This is probably why we have been chosen as padlock supplier to several leading security brands.

Our History 

Anchor Lock AB's history has its roots far back in the Swedish industrial history. Even under Karl IX's time there was a significant expansion of industrial development at the former Tunafors Bruk that after some time in the Crown's management passed into private ownership. In 1873 Tunafors Bruk was bought by Eskilstuna Jernmanufaktur AB (Jernbolaget). Over a period of many years Jernbolaget manufactured hinges on the premises that Anchor Lås now operate in, but in 1945 the production of hinges was sold to Stenmans (ASSA). In the 1960s Jernbolaget divested most of its manufacturing facilities and in 1965 AB Optimus bought the door closer manufacturing. Optimus then moved the manufactruing of door closers, locks and pumps to Anchorverken in 1972. Anchorverken was a privately owned company, divided by four partners. At the end of the 1970s Anchorverken employed about 100 persons. In 1980 Anchorverken was divided between the partners; the lock part was bought by Erik Grunander and the door closing part was bought by the other 3 partners. These in turn sold the door closer part to Abloy. In 1994 Eric's son, Bo Grunander, bought the complete company after partnerering up with his father back in 1983. Bo ran the company until 2012 when it was sold to Thomas Eriksson. In 2013, Robert Fredriksson joined as a partner and the company is now run by Robert and Thomas.

The yellow building on the left is Anchorverken. The same premises that is used by Anchor Lås today. The large building to the right is Tunafors Bruk, which is currently being restored into apartments.