Welcome to ANCHOR LÅS AB! 

We are a privately owned lock manufacturer specialized in developing and manufacturing padlocks and locker locks. In our product range we can offer everything from locks suitable for the gym locker up to premium heavy duty padlocks.

ANCHOR LÅS AB has a long tradition of developing and producing locks in Eskilstuna, Sweden. As more and more companies choose to place their production in low cost countries Anchor locks invests in its own production in Sweden. By gathering sales, product development and production locally, we can quickly adapt our products to meet our customers' requests. By controlling our own production we can stay flexible and guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. This, together with our experienced staff make us a valued partner and supplier.






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Retrofitable padlock chains

As a complement to our existing padlock chains with tubes we launch a retrofitable padlock chain and wallbracket in stainless steel.

Our retrofitable padlock chain is used in order to prevent the padlock from being dropped to the ground or being carried away by the user. The retrofitable padlock chain consists of three parts: chain bracket, wall bracket and chain. These can be ordered separately or as a complete kit. All parts are made of stainless steel.

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